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Czech, Slovak, English, German, French, Spanish

Reduce the risks of inconsistencies in your patent applications by choosing us as your patent translation provider.

  • Translations are assigned to a professional according to the particular technical specialization
  • Four-eye human review of the final texts to eliminate errors
  • Implementation fo most up-to-date AI-supported translation and other CAT tools
  • We keep track of which translator worked on which project in order to constantly train and improve the quality of our work


Years of IP experience and a network of translators allow us to provide high quality translations basically in any field of science and technology. Moreover, our translations of patent applications are always subject to internal revision of technical and legal terms to maintain the right protection.

Our work

Your advantage


Guarantee of accuracy of the final text

Owing to our dedicated team of in-house experts in various technical and medical fields.

Consistency and confidentiality maintained

Thanks to our fully centralized workflow – we do not outsource to other agencies.

Highest quality delivered

By our complex translation guidelines and thorough human revision.

Cost and time efficient results

Through implementation of most up-to-date AI-supported translation tools

Accurate and consistent terminology

As a result of combining your glossary and our translation memories

How we apply new translation tools?

Constant up-skilling and testing

Thanks to our dedicated team of translators and desire to stay on top of trends, we are commited to constantly search for and test new translation tools.

We are capable of working with basically any modern translation tool, mostly based on neural machine translation.

Own translation memories (TMs)

To maintain the consistency of terminology across various technical fields, we create and use our own translation memories in Phrase.

Consistent implementation of your own glossary

For some specific projects, you might prefer us to use your own glossary.

In that case we make sure it is consistently implemented and updated for ever higher consistency.

Multiple steps of human revision

To us, AI tools are great for cost and time efficient translations. However, they still leave (and sometimes even create) too much space for errors.

To minimize the risks and also to comply with patent application standards, each translation goes through multiple steps of human revision including final four-eye review of patent claims.


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