Industrial Design Registration

Protect the design of your products or their parts – lines, outlines, shape, structure, material.

With an industrial design, you can prevent competitors from using the product design or protected parts of the product without your permission for up to 25 years.


  • We’ll prepare the industrial design application and handle the related paperwork.
  • We take care of each design for 5 years – and even longer in case of renewal.
  • We’ll timely alert you about relevant deadlines and represent you in dealings with authorities and competitors.
  • We can also assist you in licensing or enforcing your rights.
  • All in line with your business plans. Strategically oriented towards business.

Registering an industrial design does not guarantee that you are not infringing on the rights of competitors. Before entering the market, we recommend conducting a design search to ensure non-infringement.

Where do you need to protect your design?

Czech Republic

The registration of an industrial design in the Czech Republic starts at CZK 5,500 for the first 5 years of validity. This protection can be gradually extended for up to 25 years.

The registration process takes approximately 2 years from the application submission.

The costs include:

  • Consultation on design protection options
  • Protection strategy
  • Preparation and processing of the application
  • Official filing fee (may be lower if the designer applies)
  • Representation before the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic
  • m průmyslového vlastnictví
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European Union

Protection for your design in the EU territory is obtained by registering a so-called Community design, starting at CZK 19,000 for the first 5 years of validity. This protection can be gradually extended for up to 25 years.

Protection for your design is almost instantaneous – we submit the application, and typically within a week, the design is registered.

The costs include:

  • Consultation on design protection options
  • Protection strategy
  • Representation before the European Union Intellectual Property Office
  • Protection in the whole EU

The price is lower if you file a multiple application of industrial designs.

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Design patent application in the USA for 15 years starts at 32,000 CZK for 1 design. Registration takes place approximately 1 year from the application filing date

The costs include:

  • Consultation on design protection options
  • Protection strategy
  • Preparation and processing of the application
  • Representation by a cooperating US attorney before the office
  • Coordination and communication with the local patent attorney

Other territories

We can arrange protection almost worldwide through our network of trusted local representatives.

Let us know where you need protection, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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You’re in the right place

Do you want to strategically protect your design?

Why others trust us

Tailored solutions to your business


Strategic way to protect the unique design of your products.

So that the protection aligns with your business goals.

Registration of industrial designs both domestically and internationally.

We prepare applications for the entire territory of the EU, the USA, and elsewhere around the world.

Establishing the right relationships between creators and users of designs.

Both among your internal employees and external collaborators and suppliers.

Contracts to the transfers of acquired rights or licenses to them.

Tailored to your specific needs.

Searches in databases of registered industrial designs.

To explore the rights of your competitors and help prevent disputes when introducing your design to the market

Rights enforcement in the event of a dispute and arguments for your defense.

If necessary, we will challenge disputed industrial designs.

As patent attorneys, we are bound by law to confidentiality.

All your data is safe with us.

How we work


First – contact & strategy

You have only 1 attempt at registering a design. Therefore, we don’t underestimate anything, and we choose the protection strategy based on your future business plans.


Then – pictures

Choosing the right images for the industrial design application is crucial. These images influence both the quality and scope of protection. We will guide you through the process.


Preparation & filing

We will process all your documents and outputs of the search and prepare the application, and after your approval we will submit it to the relevant authorities.


Registration and then?

We’ll represent you during the proceedings and handle the related and subsequent paperwork. We’ll keep you informed about any developments, and we will always coordinate necessary steps with you.

The time it takes to obtain an industrial design varies by territory – it is fastest in the EU (weeks), while it is longest in the Czech Republic or, for example, in the USA (a year or more).

Timeline of the EU proceedings

Let’s begin!

Initial consultation

2 weeks

Compilation of materials

in a matter of days

Application filing

1-2 weeks

Office search

in a matter of days

Industrial design registration

What are the conditions for protecting a design?

You can only protect designs that are new and have not been disclosed anywhere for more than 12 months.

Compliance with this condition is monitored differently in each country; for example, in the USA, they also check published videos on YouTube. Your design must not be too similar to other published designs. The best way to verify compliance with these conditions is through a design search.

More about design search

Protecting design in CZ, or EU?

We recommend protecting your design in the EU (via Community Design).

It is valid in all 27 EU member states and is usually registered within weeks of application. Thanks to the grant from the EU Intellectual Property Office, you also get back 75% of official fees.

On the other hand, the Czech Industrial Design is valid only in the Czech Republic, and its registration takes place approximately 2 years after the application

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Save up to 75 %

Thanks to support at both the national and European levels, you can get back up to 75% of investments in intellectual property, including industrial designs.

For Czech designs and EU designs, you can take advantage of EUIPO grants, allowing you to save approximately 75% of official fees for applications.

In the case of protection in the USA, it is advantageous to utilize the MPO Innovation Vouchers program, through which you can save 75% of all costs for patent attorney services.

More about EUIPO grant

Companies that rely on us to protect their unique designs and products include, for example, the following: