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We’ve decided to chose PatentEnter to handle the case of unfair competition against our brand. Throughout the dispute, we experienced a professional approach, extensive expertise, initiative, and reliability. We sincerely thank you for your assistance and excellent resolution of the case.

Stanislav Musil

We’ve been working with PatentEnter for over a year now, and we’re very pleased with the results of their work. We especially appreciate their professional approach, comprehensive services, and the ability to quickly grasp technical specifications and professional terminology.

Qoolers s.r.o.

Tomáš Nováček

We’ve been collaborating with PatentEnter since the beginning of our business. We’ve successfully navigated our partnership to achieve our first successful Czech patent, and currently, international patent proceedings are underway. In this complex and highly specialized field, they provide truly high-quality services.

Sportbalance s.r.o.

Filip Hudeček

Thanks to the collaboration with PatentEnter s.r.o., we successfully managed the entire industrial design process with just a few phone calls and emails. Everything else, including the demanding administrative tasks, was taken care of by PatentEnter s.r.o. We are pleased that we placed our trust in them. Thank you!

Pinnium s.r.o.

Jindřich Svoboda

PatentEnter has convinced us with their professional approach and ability to overcome obstacles. Handling our international trademark application and addressing challenges with the Chinese authority is no easy task, but PatentEnter guided us through the entire process seamlessly. Thanks to PatentEnter, we successfully registered our trademark in all markets of our choice. We unequivocally recommend their collaboration.

Telight Holding s.r.o.

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We consistently rank high among the most prestigious rankings of intellectual property professionals.

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