Cancellation Search

Are your competitor’s rights standing in the way of bringing your product to the market?

Find out how difficult it would be to cancel them.


  • In case of lower number of documents (patents, utility models), it might be worth checking what are the chances to cancel them. 
  • We conduct a patent cancellation search before each cancellation procedure. With this search, you will get the necessary arguments on which to base any eventual proceedings.

When do you benefit from the search?


You are aware of the rights you are infringing (or might be infringing).


You want to take action against patent proceedings of your competitor.


<strong>You received a notice from a third party</strong> concerning an alleged infringment.

What other benefits do you get?

  • Evaluation of your chances during a cancellation procedure
  • An overview of documents that might be useful in eventual cancellation or erasure proposal
  • Estimation of the extent to which a conflicting right of your competitor could be cancelled 
  • For each document, the most relevant parts of the text and drawings, incl. a link to the full version of the document, machine translation into English and other bibliographic data (date of publication, form of publication)
  • Patent specialist’s opinion on possible further action
  • An overview of the used search strategy
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Chcete zakročit proti cizímu patentu?

How much does the search cost?

The costs of the search depend on:

  • Complexity of the solution
  • Technical field
  • Amount of the examined documents

The date of filing of the examined document, the quality of its preparation and the content of claims can also have an influence.

What will we need from you?

  • Number of the document the validity of which should we assess (application, patent, utility model)
  • Detailed descripiton of your solution – necessary in case you want an opinion from a patent specialist on the extent to which the competing document is relevant for you (and thus to what extent it would be desirable to cancel it.

We’ll appreciate an overview of the previous state of the art related to the examined document (promotional materials, manuals, etc.), if available.

How does our collaboration work?


We meet in person /online

at the initial professional consultation.


You fill out our questionnaire

with the details about your technical solution.


We agree on the search time allowance


Proceeding with the search

in professional databases, registers, websites of your competitors, and anywhere where arguments in your favor can be found.

If at any time during the search we discover a document that would represent a major turning point in the further process, we will immediately inform you and we will not continue with the search.

Searches can only be performed based on the already published documents. The publication typically takes place within 18 months after the application filing date. No search provides 100% certainty. However, we make our best to get as close to it as possible within the agreed time allowance.


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